Fraud Protection

KSW FCU has made protecting the security of your debit card even better with Enfact.

Enfact is an automated system that will contact you should suspicious activity appear on your account. Most debit card users have had their debit card blocked for suspicious transactions and when it happens, usually it is at the worst possible time. With Enfact you can avoid the chance of that happening to you.

When you sign up for fraud alerts we will give you the automated alert number. We ask that you store the number for Enfact in your phone or somewhere that you will help you to recognize who is calling. This service is 24/7 protection and will be an automated call on behalf of KSW asking you to confirm or decline specific purchases.  This could help save you from being a victim of card fraud and identity theft.

Kasasa Protect™

Guard your sensitive information with 24/7 protection.*

Identity theft can be costly in both time and money — so stop fraud in its tracks with Kasasa Protect™. It’s comprehensive and affordable protection that works around the clock to keep you safe.

Your personal and financial data is protected with credit monitoring, lost wallet protection, identity restoration services, and more. Enjoy more peace of mind by adding Kasasa Protect to your checking account today.

Activate Kasasa Protect for $12.99 per month — or only $8.99 per month for our Kasasa® checking account holders!

Shared Branching

We are with you wherever you go!

Shared branching is unique to credit unions. As a credit union member you now have the ability to do your transactions at over 5000 credit union branches nationwide and more than 170 branches throughout Maine!

That’s right! It’s like having your credit union with you wherever you go. You can deposit, withdraw, transfer funds, make your loan payments and more. Shared Branching is just one more way your credit union is working hard for you.

Check out our Maine Locations and our National Locations for your convenience!


E-Statements are convenient and allow access to your monthly transactions faster. There is no need to wait for a statement to come by snail mail because you can view it whenever and wherever you choose!

There are many beneficial reasons for choosing to use e-statements:

  • Receive your e-statement at no additional cost
  • Review or print up to 2 years of previous monthly statements
  • Go green by going paperless
  • Receive convenient e-mail notifications

Viewing your E-Statement requires that you have internet access and an email address and Adobe Acrobat 6 or higher

You must fill out the Electronic Disclosure Agreement here.

Electronic Bill Pay

Electronic Bill Pay

Electronic Bill Pay* (or EBP), is a service that makes it simple and convenient to pay your monthly bills.

$5.00 One Time Setup Fee

Convenience -Receive and pay your bills electronically all in one place and all from your computer

Control -Schedule single or recurring payments in just a few steps, and you'll never worry about missing a bill or late fees

Savings -Save money every month on stamps and trips to the post office by making payments online

Security -Protect against check fraud with electronic payments instead of unsecured mail

Simplicity -Track your payments history at a glance and view all of your future scheduled transactions

Confidence -Check your account status to securely confirm that payments went through


*Must enroll in Home Banking for this feature

You must fill out the Electronic Disclosure Agreement here.


SURF Dude Logo

A SURF ATM is a surcharge-free way to access cash while away from your home branch. Just look for the SURF Dude logo on the ATM machine. This is a program that helps you save money and avoid any unnecessary charges. Over 250 locations state-wide!

Youth Saving MONTY MOOSE Program

At the time of opening a Monty Moose
Share Account, you will receive a special gift from Monty.

 Every year on your birthday, (after reaching
the age of 3), you will receive a birthday postcard in the mail. Redeem this postcard
at either KSW locations for $5 Monty Moose Bucks.

 For each deposit of $5.00 or more made by the child (with the child present), he or she will receive Monty Moose Bucks.

The more money you save, the more bucks you earn!

$5.00-$9.99 earns 1 Monty Buck
$10.00-$14.99 earns 2 Monty Bucks
$15.00-19.99 earns 3 Monty Bucks
$20.00-$24.99 earns 4 Monty Bucks
$25.00 & over earns 5 Monty Bucks

 Monty Moose Bucks can be saved and redeemed
for great gifts in our Monty Moose Store.


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