We are excited to provide a new and improved online and mobile banking product to our members- Orpheus. This new system went live on September 14th and REQUIRES ALL MEMBERS TO RE-REGISTER! This registration will only need to be done once and it is very easy to do. When you re-register, you will be able to select the same username and password that you had with the older product. The old system is no longer available and you will have to complete the registration process to be able to gain access. If you have not yet completed this process, we are here to help you. Orpheus is far superior platform and we hope you enjoy all the enhancements. If you are having difficulties and would like assistance past watching the instructional video above, please reach out on the (NEED HELP?) contact form or call.

Registration can be done from your mobile device or online. If you are reading this on or after Sept. 14th Orpheus is ready for you to register. Please note; in the verification process to securely validate any new devise for the first time you will be given a One Time Pin. This pin is delivered to your email or via SMS text message based on your selection. This pin will need to be entered to complete registration. The pin is only valid for ten minutes, so please make sure you do this step right away when it occurs.

FYI: No other systems are changing- Bill Pay, Kasasa and all of our other products and services remain the same! Orpheus gives you, the member more custom options than the previous platform.

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