Sometimes, you need a line of credit. The KSW Secured Visa Credit Card is the perfect way to establish a line of credit, without having credit! This tool helps you use your own money, to fix your future. Upon sitting down with one of our loan officers and filling out the application your minimum deposit of $750 up to $5,000 will be applied as an open line of credit. The minimum deposit is secured as your credit limit allowing you to establish credit. Once opened and used with an on-time payment history  your credit score can be positively affected.

The KSW Secured Visa Credit Card also comes with ScoreCard Rewards and a fixed low 9.9% annual percentage rate with no annual fee. Membership eligibility is required. Must be 18 years of age and the secured deposit is due on the time of the application. All other credit card term and conditions apply. KSW is an equal opportunity lender.

To reach our Loan Department for more information or to schedule an application session, please fill out the form below.